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Black Blade, published on 11th June 2017, is my first book.

Lance and Megan are best friends, just trying to get through the school year, when a rich benefactor leaves a bequest with an odd condition. The school must send a contingent to the United Kingdom for “historical studies.”
Seeking to escape the crushing boredom that is high school, the pair sign up and fly across the pond to the U.K. Then, while on a museum tour, they encounter a series of strange occurrences that
(1) leaves Lance with the storied sword
(2) puts them in peril by a black knight
(3) unites them in an unlikely quest with three wizards as guides: Agatha, Albrecht, and Reinhardt.
The book has been described as
a cunningly wrought tale of teenage angst set against a believable backdrop of Arthurian legend. – Publishers Daily Reviews
but there’s no need to take my, or anyone else’s word for that, just go to amazon, iBooks or smash words, pick up a copy and see what you think! If you’d like to read an extract, click here.