Imagine ...

being a teenager and suddenly being entrusted with the greatest sword in history — Excalibur.

Alexander Charalambides’ first book is a contemporary take on arthurian legend – a story of three wizards, a sword and a wish. What would do to have your wish come true?

Described by reviewers as: “An eminently well written and intricately plotted read that will entertain you for hours.” Publishers Daily and “outstanding new YA thriller by talented storyteller Alexander Charalambides.”

It Isn't Paranoia if it's real ...

Described by reviewers as a “First-rate YA thriller” the story follows lead character Hildegard and her unlikely comrades — Grace and David — from their survival-of-the-fittest beginning at the isolated Alaskan military school to discovery of a startling secret about their own genetic pasts.

  • “a storytelling triumph by standout writer Alexander Charalambides” full of “clever characterizations and outstanding writing” – Publisher’s Daily Reviews
  • “a fascinating read that moves fast and features acerbic, clever repartee” The Essential Writer
  • “I was fascinated by the main heroine Hildegard” Kindle Reviewer
  • “… pitched as a YA novel … (K.I.A.) is a full on thriller” Goodreads Reviewer
  • Full of Twists and turns” Kindle Reviewer

Formula Q

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