What is Black Blade All About?

Black Blade, an urban fantasy by Alexander Charalambides

Black Blade, an urban fantasy by Alexander Charalambides

Lance is a hero.

With his friend Megan, he does his best to survive high school in a world that doesn’t always make sense, and is almost never fair.

When their school receives a donation from an anonymous millionaire, Lance and Megan find themselves on an international field trip to England, where the two receive an irresistible call to a supernatural adventure that could change their destinies, and the destiny of the country, forever.

Together with three mysterious adults who all claim to be wizards, Lance must safe-guard the legendary Excalibur. Traveling into a strange parallel world and keeping his friends, new and old, safe from harm at the hands of a malevolent army of magical soldiers, Lance discovers the truth about heroism and the content of his character.

Black Blade: An Extract

This chamber must have seen countless lives come and go. In a way, it adds some welcome perspective.

“I know, and I’m sorry.” I reach down to take her hand, and realize how long it’s been since I looked her in the eye. “It’ll be over soon.” She says nothing, but her grip tightens, my back straightens, and I take a deep breath of the cold, stale air. “All we need do is stay the course. House Reinhardt will be reborn.”

“Uh-huh,” she dismisses me with a hand wave, “Don’t get ahead of yourself.”

“Well…yes, you’re absolutely right.”

“Trying to think of a way to disengage?”

“Yes. I’m sorry. You’re perceptive as always.” She tips back in her chair for a moment as she scales one of the chamber’s uneven tiles.

“If you say so. You’ve always been pretty easy to read.” She smiles. “Maybe it’s because English is my second language.”

I adjust my cloak as I take the first step back into the camp. “Will you attend the brief tomorrow?”

“No point,” she shrugs. “Besides, I’ll be busy with my bugs.” The tangle in her hand writhes as she grinds them into liquid. I can feel the remaining heat as it seeps from the sand outside.  “Go on, go.”

“Yes. I apologize for disturbing your work.” She shakes her head, hand on her temple.

“Everyone out there treats you like the bat from your crest, don’t they? Dark, forbidding, knower of secrets. I still remember the shy little boy who wanted to see the world.” She splits a centipede in two with a swift twist of her mortar. “I look forward to meeting him again.”

My cloak sweeps across the stone behind me as I walk back into the fresh night. “As do I.”



All in all, this is an eminently well-written and intricately plotted read that will entertain you for hours as the teen twosome try to navigate the treacherous magical underworld into which they’ve been thrust. And the bickering wizards add a sometimes comic and often obscene layer of sophisticated characterization rarely found in YA fiction. Publishers Daily Reviews

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