The Cowboy’s Christmas Surprise is a short story by Debbie Fair, part of the ‘25 Days of Christmas‘ anthology from Author Friends With Benefits. The Anthology features 25 romantic stories for Christmas time by authors Hanleigh Bradley, Anna Edwards, Serena Kearney, Aleisha Maree, Sydney Aaliyah, S.M. Stryker, Ines Vieira, Adam Walker, Rae B. Lake, Sheritta Bitikofer, Sarah Stein, Gloria Herrmann, Meg Anne, Amy Allen, Toni Charles, Cathy Johns, Janet Mota, Jeannette Keats, Debbie Fair, M. Kristine, B.A. Strobel, Nickii Fowler, and Kim Deister.

To learn more about Debbie’s story, click through the slides below.

25 Days of Christmas

Looking for a last minute Christmas gift for someone who loves romance? This just couldn’t be easier. No wrapping, no postage, just click and go!

How long until Christmas?








What’s Debbie working on now? A novel, to be released in the spring, called Gloria’s Coastal Sharif. Here’s the cover. .

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