Go Fast or Be Last

Vittoria Tarno lives for the speed that only Hyper Q, Earth’s most intense racing league, can give her, but following an accident Vittoria and her team, Goofé Troupè, find themselves banned from Hyper Q’s major league.

Determined to barge back into the spotlight, Vittoria jumps at the chance to be reinstated, but there’s one very big catch: she has to accept the challenge of Admiral Suresh, the famously deranged dictator of distant, forbidding Mars.

When Vittoria arrives, she soon learns Martian racing isn’t the bloodless sport she knows from her home. With no support, no time to prepare and no hope in general, Goofé Troupé are thrown into race after race, as their competitors grow more and more determined to win the trophy, a giant metal pizza slice known as the Spearhead of Ares.

When Vittoria breaks the speed record held by one of Mars great racing heroes, events spin out of control and soon Goofè Troupé are racing for more than the honor of their home planet. With a new and dangerous opponent, a regime determined to bring them down and tracks more treacherous than any they’ve seen before, Vittoria makes a choice - will she return home, safe and sound, or will Goufè Troupé remain on Mars and run the race of their lives?

Formula Q is a fast paced YA story about the future. If you loved Speed Racer, if you love racing or, for that matter, the future, you’ll enjoy this book where with every race, the stakes and the excitement mount. Scroll up and buy -  right now!

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