Normal Dog and the Legend of Self Esteem.

A Formula Q Story.

Kosuke is a perfectly normal dog with an unusual ambition: he wants to be a mechanic. He wants to design and build the powerful, exhilarating jetcars of  Formula Q.

His problem? He’s a dog. Some people just won’t take him seriously, and that includes his own brother.

Encouraged by Speedlord, an unknown subscriber to Kosuke’s lifestream, Kosuke decides to take one last shot at his dream, but when his big brother turns out to prove him wrong, the event becomes far more than just a race.

Can Kosuke prove that he too can handle the awe-inspiring speed of the Hyper Q jetcars he longs to design or will he lose not just the race, but his hopes and dreams for the future? Will his brother succeed in proving he’s a no talent normal dog? Who exactly is Speedlord?

Normal Dog and the Legend of Self Esteem is a piece of young/new adult fiction which can be read alone or as part of a collection of short stories and (so far) one novel (Formula Q published September 2018) set in a bright, colorful future where cars fly, men and women race together, and dogs make superb mechanics. If you enjoy tales of an optimistic future, scroll up and buy today.

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Normal Dog and the Legend of Self Esteem is one of the three short stories included in Pace Laps, a short story collection based in the Formula Q Universe.

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